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CANSA Research

Walk-in Resource Centre

Walk-in Resource Centre

The Resource section of the CANSA Science & Resource Centre caters for the needs of newly-diagnosed cancer patients and their families living in the proximity of Cape Town.

A wide variety of resource material is at the disposal of this group of people on a daily basis as well as to the public at large; as well as to people in the health and welfare professions, including medical practitioners.

The distribution of cancer related information is not the Centre’s sole reason for its existence. It provides a caring, supportive environment and appropriate psycho-social services to cancer patients. This assistance helps patients to come to terms with a cancer diagnosis and its consequences. It teaches them to live full, purposeful lives while fighting the disease.

Despite the existence of many other medical structures that deal with cancer, the staff, under the guidance of Alice Victor, takes a more relaxed approach to the needs of people living with cancer – something that is not always experienced in a busy medical practice, where time is of the essence and there isn’t always time for thorough support or lengthy consultations.

The Resource Centre team is energetic and passionate about providing a comprehensive and sophisticated knowledge base that underpins all cancer control endeavours – from prevention and early detection to terminal care. This is done by continuously accessing local and international data via books, journals, audio-visual material and cancer-related literature. The team believes that knowledge is power and is determined to empower as many people as possible with knowledge to equip them for the fight against cancer in South Africa.

Services include:

  • Loan facilities (lending library) of resource material which includes video and audio tapes, textbooks and journals.
  • Information retrieval and dissemination. The Centre offers a wide variety of information on complementary and conventional approaches to cancer at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
  • Literature searches and updates are available on request and are updated on a monthly basis.
  • Professional Networks; The Generation of Information; Workshops and Seminar Services are provided on a personal basis or telephonically.
  • Reading Area
  • Photocopying and Document Supply Service
  • Referral Service
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Enquiry Service received via walk-ins, telephone, national Toll-Free Call Centre, mail, fax, GivenGain, email.
  • Purchases (on request)
  • Computer Workstation
  • Video Sessions
  • Seminar Facility
  • Counselling to walk-in patients


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