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Fit4Good Planet Fitness Cancer Challenge for CANSA

Fit4Good Planet Fitness Cancer Challenge is an initiative developed in partnership CANSA and Planet Fitness Gyms with the aim of raising funds for care and support programmes offered at all CANSA Care Centres country-wide, with 100% of the funds raised going directly to this cause.

The Fit4Good Planet Fitness Challenge was launched on World Cancer Day, 4 February, but events will take place in May 2019.

It involves a corporate and peer-to-peer fundraising event with popular fitness activities where participants form teams with the option of riding a stationary bike or running on a treadmill to raise money as a community of contestants under one roof, by cycling or running for a very worthy cause, uniting members of families, schools businesses and friends in the fight against cancer.

Events where teams can cycle and run, or just run or cycle, at the Planet Fitness gyms:

4th May – Plattekloof, Cape Town, South Africa

11th May – Wanderers, Johannesburg, South Africa

Says Maria Scholtz, CANSA’s Head of Sustainability, “We’re so excited to be partners and offering a sports event where together individuals can create change and ‘do good’. We challenge individuals, families, friends as well as businesses and workplaces to take part and educate employees about cancer risk reduction. Physical activity helps to maintain a healthy weight that will assist in lowering the risk for various types of cancer, including cancer of the breast, prostate, lung, colon and kidney.”

Cancer is a complex, life-threatening disease and one of the major killers throughout both the developed and developing world and affects millions of South Africans. A balanced lifestyle is key to lowering the cancer risk.

Scholtz adds, “Funds raised from the Fit4Good Planet Fitness Cancer Challenge go towards our care and support programmes which includes counselling, support groups, medical equipment hire, wigs, prostheses, stoma products, and accommodation for patients are living far from treatment centres at our CANSA Care Homes.”

How Fit4Good Works:

The Fit4Good Planet Fitness Cancer Challenge 2019 is open for registrations on Monday 4 February, World Cancer Day. Teams can register on and follow the easy steps in online registering a team.

Each team is tasked with aiming for a R50k target in fundraising. Teams can challenge friends, family members, and colleagues to be part of a team and join the fight against cancer. Register to become an online fundraising activist and start raising funds.

Teams can download our easy guide on how to register as an online fundraising activist. Or Make a general donation to Fit4Good or Make a donation to a Fit4Good fundraising activist.

Step 1 – Register your team to Cycle or Run

Become a team captain and create a team, then invite and motivate your friends, family members and colleagues to register and join your team. Teams can be made up of no less than four and no more than eight riders per bike or runners per treadmill.

Step 2 – Raise money

Each team or corporate has a minimum fundraising requirement of R10 000 and each team’s ultimate goal will be to raise R50 000 towards CANSA. All the proceeds (100%) raised by teams will go directly towards this cause. Through the funds raised and participation of teams, CANSA can continue to provide information, care and support to cancer Survivors (patients), caregivers and loved ones.

Step 3– Participate – Cycle, or Run

Now teams get the opportunity to either ride or run in a relay-style format, sharing a stationary bike or a treadmill. Their participation not only supports in the fight against cancer, but it also creates awareness around a healthier and active lifestyle.

Each session includes eight back-to-back 30-minute time slots, where team members could decide on either splitting the total time of 4-hours into eight 30-minute time slots or individuals can challenge themselves and attempt more. Team members take up these slots or double up on slots in the case of smaller teams. This enables the fit and not so fit to participate in this challenge.

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