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South African Clinical Oncology Trials

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) collaborates with partners to support awareness of, and access to, cancer related clinical trials:

  • Clinical research participation may offer a care option which would otherwise not be available to patients.
  • We recognise the value in enhancing patient awareness of and access to information about treatment options in order to facilitate informed decision-making.

These collaborations therefore aim to enhance communication and co-ordination of information around cancer related clinical trials taking place in South Africa, as well as improve collaboration to identify and better respond to patient needs.

To this end, CANSA makes available regularly updated information on cancer related clinical trials currently taking place in South Africa.

Please note, CANSA has no affiliation with, or involvement in, any clinical trials.

Current Clinical Oncology Trials in South Africa:

SA Clinical Cancer Trials (PDF)

This information is updated by CANSA as latest information is made available on a quarterly basis.

IQVIA seeks eligible participants for a clinical research study for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. The closing date for recruitment is 31 March 2019.

AbbVie (Pty) Ltd seeks eligible participants for clinical research study for treatment of small cell lung cancer. Recruitment for this study will end in April 2019.

How to Participate in a Clinical Trial

  • Should you be interested in participating please consult above-mentioned PDF, using local contact details provided next to the trial you wish to participate in.
  • Should local contact details not be provided, please contact the study team for more information (see PDF for these details).

General Information Regarding Clinical Trials

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