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Prof Riana Bornman – Prostate cancer risk in South African men

Prof Riana Bornman – Prostate cancer risk in South African men

Prof Riana Bornman

Prof Riana Bornman

  • School of Health Systems and Public Health (SHSPH), University of Pretoria
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Title of the project

Prostate cancer risk in South African men.

Project Description

There are no known modifiable risk factors and no early symptoms for Prostate Cancer.  Risk factors include: (i) increased age, (ii) family history of prostate cancer, and (iii) African ancestry. Presentation ranges from low-risk (indolent) to high-risk (advanced) lethal disease. Treatment ranges from no treatment (active surveillance) to highly toxic combination therapies (including surgery). It is therefore critical that novel biomarkers for prostate cancer risk and disease presentation (and outcomes) are identified, specifically for the South African male.

Expanding on the success of the Southern African Prostate Cancer Study (SAPCS), the aim of this study is to;

1. Introduce Tshilidzini Hospital (TSH), Thohoyandou as an additional study site to increase not only the South African population diversity and study numbers to achieve significance, but to allow for validation of identified population-specific epidemiological/demographic risk factors.

2. Identify potentially bacterial pathogenic drivers of prostate cancer initiation and disease aggression in South African men.

3. Identify biologically relevant host genetic markers associated with PCa risk and disease presentation (and outcomes) within South African men.


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