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Screening & Cancer Control

National CANSA Clinical Breast Examination Screening Day – 26 October 2018

CANSA is celebrating Women’s Health awareness in October and we would like to make a difference by offering a thousand women around South Africa, free Clinical Breast Examinations on the 26th October 2018.

Breast Cancer is the number one cancer among South African women, yet many do not even know how to examine their breasts or what signs and symptoms to look out for. CANSA encourages monthly self breast examinations.

We will conduct the examination and also teach women how to examine their breasts and what signs and symptoms they need to be aware of. See screening schedules below…

CANSA wants to empower women to take control of their bodies and their health through education and self-awareness.

Our mobile health clinics, and professional, caring nurses at CANSA Care Centres around the country are gearing up for an awesome campaign.

* Should screening not be convenient or in your area on the 26th October, please view alternate screening dates for September and October via Mobile Health Clinic, or contact your local CANSA Care Centre to arrange for screening.

Follow the following link below to find where screenings are being held in your area, and call to book your appointment now:

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