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Joani Johnson – Director Mrs SA – Also Touched by Cancer

Joani Johnson - Director Mrs SA Pageant

Joani Johnson – Director Mrs SA Pageant

I have also been touched by cancer. My father-in-law died shortly after my daughter Jesse was born. I have experienced first-hand the devastation of the illness.    Cancer is a disease that does not discriminate and unfortunately at some point will to a greater or lesser extent, affect all of us, regardless of social standing, position, power or wealth.

The prolific nature of cancer does not makes it all the more frightening for those suffering from the illness and their loved ones.

CANSA has been instrumental in raising awareness, funding research, educating the public and offering much needed support to those suffering from cancer. South Africa is a country with so many in need and Mrs South Africa is an organisation that looks to bring people from all walks of life together and bind them through common experiences and help build a better future for all.

It is the indiscriminate nature of cancer as a disease and the fabulous work being done by CANSA that makes for a perfect match for a partnership with the Mrs South Africa Pageant. I am proud to be a Goodwill Ambassador for CANSA!

About Joani

Joani is not only a daughter, wife & mother, but also a business woman, model & beauty queen, Mrs South Africa 2009, founder & owner of Ace Models and Director of The Mrs South Africa Pageant.


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