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Impossible – Men can’t get Breast Cancer!

Impossible – Men can’t get Breast Cancer!

Nobody was more convinced of this than Bobby Were.

And so he ignored his wife’s advice to see a doctor, and eventually when he did, he dismissed the doctor’s advice to see a surgeon. “It’s a waste of money,” Bobby said.

But as many of us know, cancer doesn’t give up and go away, so in time his little lump just got bigger.

One day Bobby went with his wife to a doctor’s appointment. She seized the chance to ask the doctor to check the lump. Bobby was reluctant, but the doctor insisted.

“It really doesn’t look good – it may be cancer.”

“Who’s this lady doctor telling me, a man, that he has breast cancer? How ridiculous is that, men don’t even have breasts,” he thought.

The doctor referred him to a surgeon, who booked him for theatre the very next day.

When he came round from his surgery, Bobby was told he’d had a mastectomy.

Bobby went through the same treatment as women with breast cancer – chemotherapy with its nausea and hair loss, radiotherapy, five years of hormone medication, regular blood tests and check-ups.

“This experience has given me huge respect for my female counterparts,” Bobby said. “Despite everything, my journey with cancer has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.”

Ten years have passed and Bobby is well and cancer-free. It could so easily have been a very different story.

But what is it that makes people, both men and women, deny the symptoms of breast cancer or fail to take action even when the evidence is there?

If we could just understand why people choose to ignore cancer symptoms, we could find better ways to convince them to take action to save their own lives!

So, using the contributions from our Research Partners – people just like you – in previous years, we’ve been helping fund research to do just that.

Our Research Partners – a very special group of our most committed supporters – contribute to the 25 research projects we sponsor each year, which produce excellent cancer research relevant to South Africa.

And that’s why we’re hoping you’ll consider joining our Research Partner team this year, by making a donation to become a member of this group today.

When you make your donation of R350 or more, we’ll send you a Certificate of Membership. For R500 or more, we’ll also enclose a pen and pencil set as a token of thanks for your Research Partners gift.

But we’re urging you to donate R1 000 (or more) if you possibly can, so you can also have your name inscribed in our Roll of Honour, a lasting testament to your commitment to cancer research.

Bobby Were and wife Linda

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