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We Could Do It!

We Could Do It!

It might take a generation, but with all the right measures in place, we could soon start to see a year-on-year decline in skin cancer cases.

And one day, we could reach that magical moment when skin cancer stops being life-threatening.

Yes, it’s one of the cancers where the risk CAN be lowered.

Thanks to our loyal supporters who make ‘SunSmart’ possible, we’re already creating a new generation of sun-safe kids.

Their gifts are being used to educate the nation against the dangers of over-exposure to the sun’s damaging rays, and to deliver life-saving screenings for potentially malignant skin lesions.

It’s a numbers game, and by doing a lot more of what we’re doing now, together we’ll reach that prized ‘zero’ figure.

And that’s why we’re hoping you’ll make an online donation today.

We’re sure you know FotoFinder machines are pricey, upwards of R240 000, but worth their weight in gold in the lives they can save. Your donation will help people just like Sonia Katzenberg, one of our 2018 Global Heroes of Hope.

When she fell victim to skin cancer, there were no FotoFinders or routine skin screenings. Quite by chance, the suspicious mole on her back was noticed by her doctor, who urged her to have it tested immediately. It was diagnosed as a level four nodular carcinoma.

There’s little to be done for melanomas other than cut them out. And hope the cancerous cells haven’t spread. Sonia bears an ugly, deep scar on her back as evidence.

14 years later, Sonia’s really lucky to still be alive!

So please, will you make your online donation to help us buy more Fotofinders – and to help us with our grand plan to make skin cancer a thing of the past?

Our Care Teams are looking forward to celebrating the day we can bring another FotoFinder into daily use. So please will you make your online donation, because together we could beat skin cancer!

Sonia Katzenberg would have benefitted from a FotoFinder examination

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