Coming Face-to-Face with Cancer

Coming Face-to-Face with Cancer

Have you ever come face-to-face with cancer?

We hope not, but if you have, we don’t need to tell you what a brutal disease it is.

Our role in our CANSA Care Centres, with your generous support, is to do everything we can to help cancer patients cope with the side effects of treatment.

We’d like to share a letter from a family who lost their mom to lung cancer:

“When my mother heard that she had four tumours in her lungs, she chose not to have any treatment. We brought her home but we were devastated; and we had absolutely no idea how to take care of her.

A friend referred us to CANSA, who provided us with an oxygen bottle. My mother slept on her own bed for three days, but by the fourth day her body was hurting so much, she couldn’t bear it.

We immediately called CANSA again and without any hesitation they lent us a bed she’d be comfortable in.

Until the end, CANSA staff gave their help and advice generously, whatever we needed, whenever we needed it. We are so thankful for their kindness to us, and their dedication to each and every cancer patient and loved one.”

How You Can Help CANSA Support Patients

We couldn’t offer this “kindness and dedication” without your support and commitment! We give compassionate advice and emotional support. When necessary we provide practical aids that can make life a little easier for the patient.

We hire out a whole range of items needed for home-care from syringe drivers for administering medication, to wheelchairs and walking frames, commodes and bedpans, as well as mattress covers and crutches.

To buy these devices adds a heavy financial burden and patients are already paying exorbitant medical bills. While we do charge for certain services or equipment hire, it’s always at the lowest possible cost to the patient, or to cover basic materials required. The patients income is taken into consideration at all times.

When you’re faced with the terrible dilemma of what to do to ease the suffering of your loved one, having the wonderful staff and volunteers of a CANSA Care Centre to turn to, is a gift from heaven.

And that’s why we’re hoping you’ll want to bring more people comfort along their journey by making your online donation today to support our CANSA Care Centre’s services.

Gifts large and small, added up together, mean we can keep our 28 CANSA Care Centres running. What better way to encourage those who are face-to-face with cancer?

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