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Have You Ever Nursed a Loved One through Cancer?

Have You Ever Nursed a Loved One through Cancer?

If you have, you’ll know as well as we do that it’s every bit as emotionally draining as having the disease yourself.

Our caring staff member, Charmaine, nursed her husband through cancer. Thanks to our Heroes of Hope, our generous donors like you, we offered Charmaine the emotional and practical support she needed to help her through her ordeal.

But even then it was far more traumatic than she ever imagined. We’ll let Charmaine tell you her own story:

“We tried for months to get to the bottom of my husband’s health problems. Only when he was at death’s door with kidney failure, was he diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma – a type of blood cancer.

He started kidney dialysis immediately. Spending hours and hours on a machine in the clinic was soul destroying for Len. So we decided to try peritoneal dialysis, where we could do the dialysis at home every night.

Suddenly I was the night nurse, on duty every night for the next year – while still having a real day job!

As caregiver for a loved one, you don’t have a choice, you simply go head first into the deep end.

I wanted to be sure his only concern was getting well – I took over the medical diary, the finances, the household and family matters. And then his emotional, spiritual and physical well-being had to be nurtured too.

Self-pity sometimes reared its head, but only briefly. How could I possibly think about myself when my darling was fighting for his life?

My brave hero lost his fight after a long, hard battle. The cancer eventually spread to his spine, his lungs and then to his brain. In his coherent stages, we laughed and we cried, and then we would laugh and cry again.

Then . . . he was gone . . . what would I do now?

I couldn’t eat or sleep; I shut the world out. I was exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My advice for caregivers is to seek help at the outset. It’s a huge cross to bear alone!

Contact CANSA for help – for both of you – and join a support group. I can’t begin to imagine where I’d be if it weren’t for my CANSA family – they saved me and healed me!”

CANSA’s compassionate care is there for anyone who asks. And it’s only possible thanks to our Heroes of Hope . . . loyal people like you – who by making an online donation enable this support, so we can help people like Charmaine – the devoted, compassionate souls, who’d sacrifice everything for their loved ones as they fight for their lives.

Please put your hand up again right now as a Hero of Hope by making your donation so that no patient, caregiver or family member will need to struggle on alone.

We’ll share their burden together. Please will you give your online gift right now?

Thank you!

Len & Charmaine

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