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Cycling from Carletonville to Cape Town for CANSA

7 June 2016 – Raising cancer awareness and raising funds for CANSA are the key reasons why 12 volunteers will be cycling from Carletonville to Cape Town in March 2017.

Carletonville to CPT Team

The CANSA 2017 Cycle Tour will see 12 volunteers from Carletonville, the Northern Cape, Cape Town and Johannesburg complete more than 1 500 km in 14 days. This includes cycling more than 1 400 km from Carletonville to Cape Town in 12 days, one day to rest and taking part in the 109 km Cape Argus cycle race the next day.

The volunteers will be funding themselves and any money they raise through sponsorship and donations will go directly to CANSA’s care and support services, including the CANSA Care Centre in Carletonville.

Raising Funds and Awareness

“CANSA is fortunate to be supported by people like Navarre and his team, who are donating their time and their own resources to create awareness and raise funds to fight this dreaded disease,” says Lucy Balona, CANSA’s Head of Marketing and Communication, who will be cycling with the team.

The team, accompanied by two support members in a back-up vehicle, will leave Carletonville on 25 February and will arrive in Cape Town on 8 March. On 12 March 2017, they will take part in the Cape Argus.

Cycling and a Good Cause

This will be the fifth CANSA Cycle Tour and the 10th anniversary of this specific tour and coordinator Navarre Kruger, who is based in Carletonville, has been involved since the first one. “Cycling is my passion and if I can do something for others, while I am doing something I enjoy, it’s a real win,” he says.

Each of the participants has been affected by cancer in some way. In 2017, Navarre will be riding in support of a close friend who has bone marrow cancer. “She has had two bone marrow transplants, but now has to undergo another one.”

While fundraising is one of the team’s aims in 2017, Navarre says this time it’s really more about creating awareness. “We are going to try to spread the message through publicity in the media, as well as en route. CANSA is also celebrating its 85th anniversary and we keen to share their story and milestones as well,” he added.


The planning of the 2017 tour started this March. The majority of the team are in Carletonville and get together each week to discuss the tour and to ride together socially. Navarre, who instructs spinning classes after hours in two local gyms, also encourages the team to come to class regularly.

Navarre Kruger, front left, (Lead Coordinator team) receives R10 000 cheque from Life Occupational Health the team's 1st sponsorship to date.

Navarre Kruger, left, (Lead Coordinator team) receives R10 000 cheque from Life Occupational Health the team’s 1st sponsorship to date.

“It’s essential that the team members are committed to the tour,” says Navarre. “Each one of us has to source sponsorships, as well as meet weekly to plan or to cycle together.” Those team members who live too far away for the weekly meetings train separately and keep in touch via the team’s WhatsApp group.

Show Your Support

You can support the team by liking their Facebook page ‘CANSA Cycle Tour 2017 Carletonville to Cape Town. Make an online donation to show you are behind them!

Cycle Tour


Contact Lucy Balona, CANSA’s Head: Marketing and Communication on; or on Tel: 011-616 7662 or Cell: 082 459 5230.


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