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Cervical Cancer Research – Prof Greta Dreyer

Cervical Cancer Research – Prof Greta Dreyer

Prof Greta Dreyer

Prof Greta Dreyer

Title of the project

Screening for cervical neoplasia with a combination of HPV testing and cytology in an urban community in South Africa.

Highlights of the project

This study is executed in four existing urban clinics (local authority) and in one additional urban private clinic given the size and logistical problems of this approach, I am proud to say that the recruitment rate is far better than that aimed for.

Capacity development in cytology and virology departments of the NHLS was such that these service delivery groups are able to keep up with the workload.

Data collection and storage is now localized in a central data base on a research computer in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

We also managed to obtain the part-time services of a research administrator from the School of Medicine to help this huge project.  Mrs. Hassett will also assist with Data refinement and analysis.

An extract of this data base is available to the CANSA research committee if needed for evaluation.

How is the project of value in the struggle against cancer?

This project has directly enabled 1000 women to get cervical cancer screening. The project aims to investigate new molecular screening methods to enable larger scale screening. Cervical cancer is the number one woman’s cancer in Africa. Screening for this cancer in the developing world is not a reality because the current methods are not applicable to the developing environment.

Peer-reviewed publications

Congress abstracts & presentations

  • Oral presentation at the recent Pathology congress.  They reported on the optimization of the technique.
  • Oral presentation Dr Karin Richter, Eurogin congress, Monaco 2010
  • ESGO (European Society Gynaecological Oncology) Congress 2009: 2 abstracts submitted
  • Preliminary data presented at SASGO 2008
  • Presentation at CANSA Congress 2008
  • Presentation at STOP CERVICAL CANCER IN AFRICA CONGRESS, Uganda 2008
  • Cost effectiveness of high-risk HPV DNA testing for cervical cancer screening in South Africa


MMed research report: Dr Mnisi: The role of tampon collected DNA based HPV testing in primary screening for cervical cancer


  • Cervical Cancer Research Fund

This fund is a major role player in SA in Cancer of the Cervix and is the website of the research group of the SA HPV Advisory Board.  This board is affiliated to SASOG (SA Society of Obstetriciians and gynaecologists) and thus to MASA.

This clinic is run in collaboration between University of Pretoria and Netcare. The clinic offers advice, counselling and genetic testing to individuals with a perceived or true inherited breast / ovarian (and other) cancer risk.

This is a newly established journal of the SA Society of Gynaecological Oncologists, called the Southern African Journal of Gynaecological Oncology or SAJGO

Affiliated to SASOG and MASA


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