CANSA’s TLC Paediatric Oncology Ward in Polokwane

CANSA’s TLC Paediatric Oncology Ward in Polokwane

Ward L 01-06-2012 2 252CANSA TLC Paediatric Oncology Ward is situated at the Pietersburg Provincial Hospital in Polokwane and offers in-house accommodation to parents, guardians and care-givers of children undergoing treatment in the ward.

More About the TLC Ward:

CANSA TLC launched its Paediatric Oncology Ward in Polokwane on the 1st June 2012 at the Pietersburg Provincial Hospital. The aim was to increase support to children and families affected by cancer in Limpopo.

The Limpopo area covers stretches from Bela Bela in the south to Mussina in the north, Lepalale in the west to Venda in the east. Due to the large geographical area served, the children staying at the ward differ with regards to language and culture. The Ward also treats children from neighbouring countries which offers additional language barriers and challenges.

The Ward can accommodate 30 children and 20 live-in lodger moms. An average  of 56 children are admitted on a monthly basis, undergoing surgery, chemo or radiation therapy. The Ward also caters for an average of 86 outpatient sessions monthly, which amounts to 660 admissions and 1032 check-up sessions every year.

Although meals are supplied by the hospital, supplies run short and we need to contribute and cater for special needs and nausea. The unit is fitted with a fully equipped kitchen to address these needs.

The community contributes groceries, toiletries and other items that are used on daily basis as needed. These items allow for more fun activities and are used towards parties and crafts, ensuring improved morale in the Ward.

Volunteers offer time and demonstrate their skill in martial arts, puppet shows, dance therapy to mention but a few of the wonderful options offered to us.

Included in the support offered, is prosthetic support; pain control; schooling with qualified teachers within the Ward; skills enrichment; crafts; counselling and bereavement guidance.

As the Ward faces daily challenges, we need volunteers and sponsors to  assist us every day.

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Be a Gift to a Child in Need:

Please consider making a donation towards supporting our TLC programme so that we can help more children and families. Donations will assist with the provision of prosthetic support (children who have lost an eye or limb); the provision of wheelchairs; pain control implants and medical equipment.

Queries CANSA TLC Paediatric Ward:

For more information on the specific care and support services that we provide, contact CANSA TLC Paediatric Ward on 073 310 6176.


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