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CANSA Research in Action Conference July 2018

CANSA Research in Action Conference July 2018

The Cancer Association of SA (CANSA) and the University of Pretoria are pleased to announce that the next CANSA Research in Action Conference will be held at the University of Pretoria in the Tswelopele complex (Prinshof campus, Faculty of Health Sciences) from Tuesday, 3rd July to Thursday, 5th July 2018. Please reserve these important dates in your calendar.

Registration is now open – proceed to this LOGISTICS PAGERegistration closes at 26 June 2018.  For any queries, contact Alice Victor via email at:


CANSA aims to bring together the South African cancer research community spanning the research spectrum from epidemiology and determinants of the burden of cancer in South African populations; health seeking behaviours and early detection and diagnosis of cancer; health promotion and risk reduction of cancer, with a particular focus on behavioural risk reduction; optimal patient care including rehabilitation and palliative care services; other health services and health system research relating to the above categories; research relating to cancer biology/biochemistry/molecular biology as these relate to early detection, risk reduction and patient care. It also provides a venue for networking and cross-fertilisation between research disciplines.

All CANSA’s research grantees have been invited to present their research in sessions arranged in series providing a comprehensive view of CANSA sponsored research at universities.

Who should attend:

CANSA research grant holders, cancer researchers, professional societies with an interest in cancer research, health care policy leaders with an interest in cancer, organisations that issue research funding in cancer, medical health care entities concerned with the future of cancer in South Africa, CANSA Governors, selected CANSA staff and media.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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