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Research Funding and Grants

Apply for a Type A Research Grant

Apply for a Type A Research Grant

Type “A’ category defines research projects presented to us by established scientists at recognised institutions.

We do not finance scientific research aimed at developing new anti-cancer medicines. However we will consider funding work on licensed anticancer medicines, particularly when the research addresses issues that are unique to a South African context. We focus on supporting research in the following areas:

  • Epidemiology and determinants of the burden of cancer in South African populations
  • Health seeking behaviours and early detection and diagnosis of cancer
  • Health promotion and risk reduction of cancer, with a particular focus on behavioural risk reduction
  • Optimal patient care including rehabilitation and palliative care services
  • Other health services and health system research relating to the above categories
  • Research relating to cancer biology/biochemistry/molecular biology as these relate to early detection, risk reduction and patient care

We also do not fund applicants who are not South African citizens, or who do not have permanent residency. Researchers are encouraged to also approach the MRC (Medical Research Council), NRF (National Research Foundation) and DST (Department of Science & Technology) for cancer research funds.

The maximum annual amount granted for funding is currently R300 000 per applicant.  CANSA will fund 75% of grants only. Applicants are requested to approach their relevant institutions for augmentation of the remaining 25% for a period of 3 years. CANSA thus funds R900 000 over 3 years and the institution of the grantee R300 000 over 3 years giving a total of R1.2 million over 3 years.

The closing date for the receipt of grant applications for 2019 is 31 May 2018. Late applications will not be considered. Applications must be sent to the Research Administration office.

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