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Antitumor activity estradiol analogues – Prof Annie Joubert

Antitumor activity estradiol analogues – Prof Annie Joubert

Prof Annie Joubert

Prof Annie Joubert

Prof Annie Joubert

Department of Physiology, University of Pretoria


Title of the project

Investigation into the antitumor activity of novel in silico-designed estradiol analogues.

Project Description

A major challenge in cancer research is to find agents that target cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. Computational methods for the discovery of targets and identifying lead compounds against these targets are playing a key role in the discovery and development of new pharmaceutically relevant drugs. Hitherto, this research focus entailed the in silico-design and synthesis of newly-designed anticancer compounds. In silico design and chemical synthesis has been conducted successfully and subsequent detailed elucidation of each compound’s biochemical pathway of signalling was investigated to verify potential anticancer activity in cancer cell lines to complement the improvement of analogues with therapeutic potential. These methods make it possible to preselect potential anticancer compounds (computer modeling) for subsequent synthesis by a pharmaceutical company.


This research project was centered on improving treatments to enable the anticancer drug to affect only the cancer cell and at low dosages with less frequent treatment intervals. The research focused on cancer types of national and international relevance and data generated contributed to the search for potential anticancer agents that target cancer cells while leaving non-tumorigenic cells unharmed. The research also led to job creation and the prospects for students to further their postgraduate careers. Postgraduate students received opportunities to scientifically communicate their findings internationally and nationally via conference contributions and research visits. This contributed towards building the economy and implementing ‘scarce skills’ training in the working environment.





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