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Volunteers 2015 post

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27 November 2015: The 5th of December is dedicated to celebrating volunteers internationally. CANSA is using this International Volunteers Day to thank our many dedicated volunteers for their unfailing service, but to also get their feedback.

CANSA knows how important it is to look after its Volunteers. “We are a volunteer-driven organisation. Without the thousands of loving, helping hands of our Volunteers – we would never be able to provide the care and support to those cancer patients and families who need it most,” says Gavin Kester, CANSA National Service Delivery Manager.

“In order to look after our Volunteers even better, we hope to get their feedback. This year we have made a Volunteer Survey available, which will hopefully highlight any areas that are lacking, as well as praise the areas where CANSA gets it right, when it comes to their Volunteers,” continues Kester.

Sheila Moolman

Sheila Moolman, CANSA Volunteer

Sheila Moolman (64) is a CANSA Volunteer, helping the CANSA Durban Care Centre. In 2002, she was asked to take over the running of a cancer support group which held monthly meetings at a local church. “I was already involved in a small way by facilitating their advertising. At the time I was reluctant on two counts: one I have not had cancer and two I was not somebody that enjoyed being “on stage” addressing an audience, but for some reason I accepted.”

She has continued serving as a volunteer over the last 13 years. “I have been on a journey that has made be me grow in so many ways that I would never have imagined. I have witnessed courage, fortitude and serenity in so many that have faced this disease and formed so many wonderful friendships. I have shared their stories which have humbled me and made me grateful for what we take for granted in life. I derive a sense of fulfilment from witnessing the interaction between patients who are fearful at the time and the support and comfort they give to each other,” says Moolman.

It is Volunteers like Sheila who should be acknowledged for the important contribution they make to the communities in which CANSA serves.

Volunteers Invited to Give Feedback

We want to know what our Volunteers are thinking – we want your feedback. If you are a CANSA Volunteer, please fill in our Volunteer Survey. This will help us identify areas for improvement, as well as seeing where we are getting it right.

Even with all the help of our current Volunteers, we can never have enough helping hands. Make a change in your world, and join CANSA as a Volunteer. Learn all about how you can become a Volunteer.

CANSA Volunteers Day 2015 post


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