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Write on our Wall – November 2016

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  • Nicky Read says:

    I was diagnosed with cancer again (4th time) in March 2016, cancer was in my lymph nodes of my neck, lungs & groin, this time. I started on Pacataxel & Herceptin. The Pacataxel was awful (as all chemo’s are), it burnt my skin from the inside out. There was absolutely NOTHING I could use, I tried everyone’s cream suggestions but to no avail. My other biggest issue was my finger & toenails. I heard the weirdest suggestions … to glue false nails ontop, to superglue my nail down. I didn’t do any of those, I just wrapped ELASTOPLAST (that brand only) plasters, where you cut the plaster to size, around each finger, everyday & in the evenings I would leave them open to breath. Some fingernails needed to have holes made in them by my GP (using a sterilised needle). Until they gradually come off, it is a long slow process. This is the only advise I have for fellow sufferers.

    • Debbie @CANSA says:

      Dear Nicky

      To be diagnosed with cancer and fight it once is tough, but to be diagnosed a 4th time must be devastating. Please keep strong though and keep hoping and fighting, you are not alone.

      On our Champions of Hope FBK Support Group, we have many cancer Survivors who have fought cancer and won, multiple times.

      Please join our group and consider sharing your story there and ask for advice re side effects treatment too. The group members are inspirational, taking time to offer support and advice, despite their own battle.

      Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChampionsofHope/

      Please also find our latest Chemotherapy Fact Sheet, including a section on side effects: http://www.cansa.org.za/files/2016/07/Fact-Sheet-Chemotherapy-July-2016.pdf

      Wishing you and your family much strength.

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