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Write on our Wall – May 2017

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  • Esmeralda says:

    For smokers who battle to quit……… There is hope! I smoked for 35 years! Hated it and tried to stop smoking on my own for 33 yrs! But invain! ……….on 17 Dec 2004 I begged YHWH to help me quit. . but please not to let me get sick and withdrawal symptoms…….. I gave the half packet of my last sigatettes to my husband and made him promise if I get very sick he will give it back to me? He promised!……………

    The next day I started to cry the whole day and didn’t know why I was crying,…….. Not realizing tears is just a way to cleanse the soul and detox! Within a week people could smoke infront of me and since then I have never even taken a puff!………….

    Never got I’ll! Never had with draw simptoms! Yes I did crave but each time counting the hours of not smoking then reminders why I do not want to smoke…… Telling myself if I take a puff now will mean I must repeat all this hours again? The 3rd day the cravings was less……………….

    But after all this years 12.5 yrs just for a moment I had a very short crave that lasted 5 seconds about two weeks ago! Just told myself I will never be that stupid again!……..

    Immediately after stopping to smoke I took a special cleansing diet and today at the age of 67 I can still climb ladders to paint my house but when I was smoking I couldn’t even wash 1 wall I’m my house!

    I’m more healthy today than that 35 years I was smoking!

    Thank you cansas for your great work! Hope my story can help others to quit the filthy habit of smoking!

  • Angel says:

    Hey guys.
    Thank you for everything you do!
    You touch hearts without even knowing and change lives without any reward.

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