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World Cancer Day – We Can All Fight Cancer

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12 January 2016: CANSA is strengthening its role as advocate on World Cancer Day – highlighted each year on 4 February. Supporting the campaign theme of: ‘We can. I can.’, CANSA pledges its support in the fight against this dreaded disease. This campaign encourages actions that all can take to help reduce the cancer risk, achieve greater equity in cancer care and make fighting cancer a priority at the highest political levels.

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“World Cancer Day is the singular initiative under which the entire world can unite together in the fight against the global cancer epidemic. We challenge corporates, organisations, families, friends and individuals to take on this challenge and to pledge their support in striving for a cancer-free South Africa,” says CANSA CEO, Elize Joubert.

What Companies Can Do

Companies can get involved by creating healthy work environments and engaging employees in workplace initiatives that support and encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices. Some of these choices include: eating plenty of vegetables and fruit in season, limiting fat intake, avoiding or limiting alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight by being active and not using tobacco products. Read more about leading a balanced lifestyle here…

We can imagine a world without cancerWhat Individuals Can Do:

CANSA recommends regular medical check-ups and cancer screening to increase chances of discovering cancer early, when treatment is most likely to be successful. CANSA Care Centre teams offer early detection screening programmes to help reduce the cancer risk, while nine Mobile Health Clinics provide screening and early detection programmes in remote areas.

Joubert adds, “Everyone can also get involved in other ways, such as the #NoHairSelfie Campaign and / or the ‘Talking Hands’ Project.

1. Take Your World Cancer Day Pledge: 

We. Can. I. Can.
Inspire action, take action Make healthy lifestyle choices
Reduce cancer risk Understand that early detection can save lives
Challenge perceptions Ask for support
Create healthy environments Support others
Improve access to cancer care Support others
Build a quality cancer workforce Take control of my cancer journey
Mobilise our networks to drive progress Care and be cared for
Shape policy change Be myself
Make the case for investing in cancer control Return to work
Work together for increased impact Share my story
Speak out and share stories

 2. Let Your Hands do the Talking:

Join in on World Cancer Day’s ‘Talking Hands’ Campaign on social media. It’s very simple – write supportive and inspirational messages on your hand(s) – using the ‘We can. I can.’ theme (see table above) – and post a picture, or a video of it on social media using the hashtags #WorldCancerDay and #WeCanICan.

3. Post a #NoHairSelfie:

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CANSA is excited to be a part of this global movement, that encourages the public to raise funds and show support to cancer survivors by virtually shaving (using the #NoHairSelfie app) or actually shaving their hair (at a CANSA Care Centre).

Read detailed info here re downloading the app or where to do a real shave on World Cancer Day. Alternately, contact your nearest CANSA Care Centre for information.

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