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World Cancer Day Radio Interview with CANSA – Tuks FM

World Cancer Day Radio Interview with CANSA – Tuks FM

WCD INVITE OPEN DAY FEB 2015 postWednesday, 4 February 2015 marked World Cancer Day and CANSA is emphasising that cancer is “not beyond us” in terms of cancer control and reducing the impact of the disease.

Lucy Balona, CANSA, discusses the following:

  • What World Cancer Day (WCD) is all about
  • The significance of WCD in the SA context
  • What CANSA is doing to mark WCD
  • How CANSA is helping cancer Survivors by providing care & support during their treatment journey
  • What South Africans can do to reduce their cancer risk
  • How everyone can get involved in the fight against cancer

About World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is important because the global cancer epidemic is huge and set to rise. Currently 8.2 million people die from cancer worldwide every year – in South Africa, more than 100 000 are diagnosed annually. This day helps CANSA spread the word and raise the profile of cancer. Read more…


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