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World Cancer Day – CANSA Raises Awareness at ‘Vredendal Tehuis vir Bejaardes’

World Cancer Day – CANSA Raises Awareness at ‘Vredendal Tehuis vir Bejaardes’

During a CANSA Awareness Programme for the staff of the Vredendal Tehuis vir Bejaardes, the World Cancer Day initiative “I Can, We Can” was used as the inspiration to discuss the theme ‘I Can, We Can Catch Cancer Early’.

Vredendal Tehuis WCD

The staff are experts when it comes to caring for people with cancer, as many of the residents have cancer. They also know a lot about palliative care. During the programme, they were given information to assist them to detect cancer early enough, to improve treatment outcomes for diagnosed residents.

Information was given about the various self-examinations that should be done monthly, namely, breast self examinations, testicular self examinations and skin self examinations, as well as screening procedures that need to be done annually, namely, clinical breast examinations, PSA testing, Pap smears and Fotofinder examinations. Read more about screening…

The risk factors for skin, breast, cervical, prostate and testicular cancer were discussed and how to reduce personal risk for those cancers. General risk factors were also discussed and it was explained that if these factors were avoided or reduced, it would not only lower the risk for cancer, but also for other lifestyle related illnesses. Read more about reducing cancer risk…

The importance of knowing one’s own body was emphasized, because only when one knows what is normal for yourself, will you be able to detect when something is abnormal.

The staff agreed that knowledge is crucial in the fight against cancer and that it is everyone’s individual responsibility to ensure they reduce their risk for cancer (I CAN), but that it is also our collective responsibility to take this message to others to help them to reduce their risk for cancer (WE CAN).

Staff also took their #NoHairSelfie pic using the app, to help raise awareness of cancer:


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