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Video Interview with Mark Pilgrim re Movember & Men’s Health

Video Interview with Mark Pilgrim re Movember & Men’s Health

Mark Pilgrim, testicular cancer survivor, chats about his participation in Movember and helps raise awareness re men’s cancers on

Mark’s Words of Wisdom:

Early detection can save your life – real men go for check-ups. It’s all about knowing your numbers. I had stage 4 testicular cancer (at 18yrs) – if I had had myself checked earlier, it wouldn’t have spread to my lungs and kidneys. I would have nipped it in the bud.

There’s a stigma that if you have only one testicle, you are less of a man. I have one testicle – I make jokes about it! I don’t mind because one works as well as two and I have two gorgeous daughters, naturally conceived – and despite the jokes, they ARE mine!

You service your car once per year – why don’t you go and check up that YOU are ok?

You know when something is not right. I knew when something wasn’t right, but I thought maybe I got knocked there while I was playing soccer. And that’s the problem!

We think something could be wrong, but we’re not sure. That’s when you go for a check-up. Don’t wait until it’s overtly wrong.

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