Treatment – you and your cancer care team

Treatment – you and your cancer care team

You and your cancer care team

Your cancer care team – oncologist (cancer doctor) and other specialists – will help you to select the best treatment options for your particular needs.  This will depend on  the type of cancer you have, the site, the tumour size, the cancer’s stage (how widespread it is), your age, your health, your lifestyle and personal preferences.  The other factor to be considered includes likely side effects of treatment.

You are a key role player in your cancer care team.  It is important to ask questions and to make sure you understand your treatment options.  It is also important that you understand the goal of treatment in your situation:  is the purpose of treatment to cure the cancer, keep it under control or to treat the problems it is causing? The goal of your treatment may change over time, depending on your response to treatment, so it is important to ask about this again at a later stage. It is also advisable that your cancer care team is experienced in treating the type of cancer you have.

Discuss Side effects of treatment

Cancer treatment can cause many different side effects.  The kind of side effects may vary from one person to another and also depends on the type of treatment used.  Each person responds to treatment differently, so it is difficult to predict who may or may not experience side effects.  Many side effects of treatment can be managed or treated.  It is important to tell your doctor or nurse if you are experiencing side effects, so that they can help you to manage them.


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