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Toktokkie Visits Township Schools

Toktokkie Visits Township Schools

TK1More than 1 000 scholars of the Thabong area were entertained by a dancing Toktokkie. These children who have never seen this big yellow man before were very excited. For them this was an unforgettable experience and Toktokkie became the celebrity of the week in these primary schools.

The children sprayed their heads and a couple of them even shaved their heads in a Sprayathon in support of CANSA.

Aubrey Mofolo and CANSA volunteers gave health talks to encourage the children to eat healthy and not to smoke. They also encouraged them to become CANSA Kids’ Volunteers, who help CANSA fulfill its mission of being the Watch Dog for the communities.

We are hoping to include Toktokkie at many more school sprayathons to create special memories for these very precious young people

Contact Aubrey Mofolo at 057 – 353 2112 or for more information about presenting health talks, or even having Toktokkie visit your school.


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