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Thank you to DaREDevil Run

Thank you to DaREDevil Run

Remember those magnificent men in their red speedos, running in the streets to raise awareness about cancers affecting men?

A big thank you to Daredevil Run who handed over  a cheque of R400 000 to CANSA as one the main beneficiaries of the event. The income will be allocated towards CANSA’s Men’s Health Programme. This generous gift will help CANSA to reach more men with important cancer education as well as screening.

Thank you to all the men that supported all the Runs that took place last year in November 2013.  Read more and view the gallery of the fun on the day.

  • PSA tests 02CANSA took part at the DAREdevil Run by educating participants about male cancers and performing Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) tests – a simple blood test to help detect prostate cancer with the first 100 tests being free.
  • Free sunscreen was provided by CANSA to those taking part.
  • There were Sprayathons at the DAREdevil Runs where people showed their support by getting hair sprayed in various colours.
  • CANSA’s P-Ball game was also on sale – an awareness device that involves a small biodegradable ball that is placed in a urinal. The aim is to destroy the P-Ball, using a full bladder and in the shortest possible time to gauge the strength of the urine stream. A weak urine stream may be a warning sign of prostate cancer and men experiencing it should consult their doctor.



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