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Support CANSA this World Cancer Day by Joining the #NoHairSelfie Campaign

WCD NHS logoJoin the global #NoHairSelfie movement by showing solidarity with cancer patients & Survivors around the world and shave your head on World Cancer Day – February 4, 2016!

CANSA is partnering, for the first time, with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation for the 2016 #NoHairSelfie Campaign, to raise awareness of cancer on World Cancer Day – read more… 

Become a #NoHairSelfie Fundrazor

Real Shave

Fundrazors are invited to shave their head FOR REAL at their local CANSA Care Centre (or hairdresser) on World Cancer Day, calling on their contacts to make a donation towards CANSA’s work (via their fundrazing page), and sharing their #NoHairSelfie on social media platforms, in order to raise awareness of cancer. Register and create your fundraising page here…

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APP Shave

Fundrazors can also shave VIRTUALLY using the #NoHairSelfie App, uploading their VIRTUAL #NoHairSelfies to their fundrazing pages and motivating their contacts to make a donation towards CANSA’s work.

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Pledge Your Support

Share your pledge for World Cancer Day on your fundrazing page. What can you do to make a difference in the fight against cancer? (see ideas below)

We. Can. I. Can.
Inspire action, take action Make healthy lifestyle choices
Reduce cancer risk Understand that early detection can save lives
Challenge perceptions Ask for support
Create healthy environments Support others
Improve access to cancer care Support others
Build a quality cancer workforce Take control of my cancer journey
Mobilise our networks to drive progress Care and be cared for
Shape policy change Be myself
Make the case for investing in cancer control Return to work
Work together for increased impact Share my story
Speak out and share stories

By raising funds you can help CANSA to educate & screen thousands of people in local communities across our country & help them to reduce their cancer risk.

Make a BALD statement to remind others that cancer can affect ANYONE regardless of age, gender, race or beliefs and that we need to stand together, if we want to succeed in reducing South African’s cancer risk and detecting cancer early to improve treatment outcomes.

Follow the #NoHairSelfie action & keep up to date with campaign info:  CANSA’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. Be sure to join Thunderclap! It’s a really neat tool that makes it possible for everyone to share the same #NoHairSelfie message – all at the same time – see details here…

You Can Also Support Shavathon 2016

If you are not able to join the #NoHairSelfie Campaign, diarise Shavathon (27 / 28 Feb) and shave / spray to show solidarity with cancer Survivors at your local shopping centre, or participate in both campaigns!


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