Specialist Care & Treatment

Helping You Cope With Treatment

Helping You Cope With Treatment

Please contact your nearest CANSA Care Centre for support and find additional information regarding cancer treatment and coping with cancer

Specialist care offered at our CANSA Care Centres and Clinics involves treatment of complications resulting from cancer treatment – specifically Lymphoedema, Stoma and treatment of acute and chronic hard-to-heal wounds.

Acute and Chronic Wound Care

The body heals wounds through a natural process. At times, however, some wounds – big and small – don’t heal the way they should. Our certified Wound Care Therapists offer advice and basic wound-care.

Stoma Care

We offer pre- and post-operative counselling, actual siting of the stoma and intra-operative care. Incontinence advice and coping skills are given to patients and families.  We also offer the sale of cost effective stoma products. Read more about our stoma support service…

Lymphoedema Treatment

Our specially trained Lymphoedema Therapists offer Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) to manage the symptoms of patients affected by Lymphoedema.

CDT treatment includes manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging, special exercise, as well as skin and nail care.

Home-based Care

Home-based care is a collaboration between professional CANSA staff members and the community, aimed at empowering communities to take ownership of their own health and care for their patients. Through the mobilisation of role players, resources and volunteers, patients receive cost-effective, quality home-based care including therapeutic and rehabilitative care, long-term maintenance and palliative care. This service focuses on appropriate care and comfort, access to health and support facilities, volunteers and the participation of family members.

Assistive Devices & Medical Loan Equipment

CANSA supports patients by lending or helping them to obtain assistive devices & equipment to help them cope with cancer treatment and after surgery. This includes wigs, breast prostheses (sold at some Care Centres), wheelchairs, commodes, egg-shell mattresses and other aids. Colorectal cancer patients can purchase stoma bags, linen savers and supplements at reduced prices. If you wish to donate your hair to make a wig, read more…

Has Cancer Touched Your Life?

Cancer affects one in four South Africans, through diagnosis of family, friends, colleagues or self.

We want you to know that you are not alone and that we would like to support you and your loved ones, regardless of how cancer has touched your life.

Find info & online resources to help you fight cancer and please read more about CANSA’s Holistic Care & Support which is offered at our CANSA Care Centres countrywide.


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