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Smoking Cessation Symposium

Smoking Cessation Symposium

Smoking SymposiumOn 31st of October 2014, a Smoking Cessation Symposium was held at the UCT Lung Institute in Mowbray. The goal of the day was to create a climate to talk about smoking cessation, as a tool to decrease the incidence of smoking in our working and living environments.

Some of the interesting topics presented were:

  • Smoking Cessation in a Hospital setting – Dr Guy Richards
  • What does the law say about smoking in public places? – Reinhardt Avenant
  • Motivational Interviewing to encourage people to quit smoking – Dr Katherine Murphy

Prof Richard van Zyl – Smit, Division of Pulmonology UCT Lung Institute, was the main organizer of the event and focused on the facts and figures regarding smoking, the South African Guidelines for Smoking Cessation and the great E-Cigarette debate.

Interesting Facts re Smoking

  • It was interesting to find that there are approximately 7 million smokers in South Africa.
  • 50 million people died globally in the past 10 years because of smoking.
  • The benefits of quitting smoking can successfully be used to encourage people to give up smoking – read more…
  • The importance of counselling in combination with ‘Quit smoking medication’ was highlighted as an important way of assisting people to stop smoking.

Decrease Your Cancer Risk

Read more about our No-Tobacco Campaign… and if you require assistance to quit, please contact the CANSA Cape Metro Care Centre.


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