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Shave, Spray, Donate at CANSA Shavathon 2016

Afrikaanse Persvrystelling

21 January 2016: It’s that time of the year again – CANSA calls on you to show your support in solidarity with cancer Survivors. The annual CANSA Shavathon is approaching fast and CANSA wants you to show you care by being brave – shave or spray your hair, or donate to the cause.

Shavathon 2016

Public Shavathons

The CANSA Shavathon is taking place at shopping malls across the country on the 27th and 28th (at selected venues) of February 2016.  Participants pay R50 donation to take part while kids under 12, only pay R25 donation fee. See participating venues here…

Work Shavathons

Shavathons will be hosted by workplaces during the week from 29 February to 4 March 2016.

Workplaces, companies & organisations can also get involved by hosting a Shavathon event. This offers an opportunity for employees and employers to reflect on how they have been touched by cancer and to encourage colleagues as some may currently even be fighting the disease or in remission. Register your event here…

Some Inspiration

Some Shavathon 2015 participants were more than eager to share their experiences (taken from CANSA’s Shavathon website):

Agatha says: “I’ve have had a lot of family and friends affected by cancer. Two were cleared of breast cancer, but my father still suffers from skin cancer. I believe CANSA Shavathon is a worthy cause. I donated nearly 50cm of my hair, which hopefully could be a made into a wig.”

Eunice says: “I believe that it’s important to show anyone suffering from cancer that they are not alone – that we may not understand how they feel but just to let them know that we are there whenever they need help, to talk or just a shoulder to cry on, we are here for them – no matter what.”

Read more inspirational stories of why people do Shavathon here…

Funds raised at Shavathon events help CANSA continue its care and support programmes to those affected by cancer, help provide educational materials with information on how to reduce the cancer risk as well as help provide access to early detection and cancer via cancer screening programmes. CANSA has more than 30 CANSA Care Centres, who offer support in many forms to cancer patients, their families and anyone affected by the disease.

Online fundraising

Supporters can also raise funds online, by creating an online Fundraising project where they encourage business and social contacts to show their support for the event, by making an online donation. The donation link is shared on all relevant social media platforms and prizes can be won. Sign up for online fundraising here…


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