CANSA Durban Care Centre

SAMCT Donates R460 000 Mobile Health Clinic To CANSA KZN

SAMCT Donates R460 000 Mobile Health Clinic To CANSA KZN

SAMCT donation Mobile Health Clinic to CANSA Durban Care Clinic

SAMCT donation Mobile Health Clinic to CANSA Durban Care Clinic

19 August 2014: CANSA’s efforts to plug this country’s rural health-care gaps in the battle against cancer and the need to take its service to rurally-based communities has received a welcome boost with the donation of a R460 000 Mobile Health Clinic for use in KwaZulu-Natal, by the South African Muslim Charitable Trust (SAMCT).

CANSA has only nine Mobile Health Clinics country-wide – one per Province – through which to carry-out its cancer screening programme in rural and communities with poor resources.

With a high incidence of cervical cancer occurring amongst Black women in South Africa, coupled with a general unawareness amongst rural women as to how to access health-care facilities and, especially, cancer-screening facilities, CANSA is intent on taking free screening services to women in peri-urban, rural and poor communities.

“We are grateful for partners such as the South African Muslim Charitable Trust who are partnering with CANSA in the fight against cancer. With the help of such generous organisations, it makes it easier for CANSA to continue their good work in the communities – by offering screening to under-resourced areas,” says CANSA’s Board of Directors Chairperson Bugs Pancha.

Recognising the need for additional resources to assist in CANSA’s early detection programmes, the South African Muslim Charitable Trust (SAMCT) has provided the organisation with an additional vehicle, especially kitted as a mobile health clinic, to bolster the organisation’s KwaZulu-Natal rural community outreach programme.

Presenting the R460 000 vehicle to CANSA representatives in Durban , SAMCT Trustee, Mr Shabir Chohan, said, “We’re well aware of the health-care challenges CANSA faces, not least of which includes the vital need for more mobile health units to better reach the deep rural areas of our country.”

He described CANSA’s programme of taking free cancer-screening services to rural communities as ‘an amazing empowerment initiative.’

“This initiative by CANSA not only provides cancer-control services, but also facilitates community education about cancer awareness and its early detection. Given that CANSA is a non-profit organisation, we recognise that securing the necessary resources to give effect to such programmes is no easy task,” Mr Chohan said.

SAMCT was established by Al Baraka Bank, Old Mutual and CII Holdings in 2008, enabling the provision of funding, services and other resources for the improvement of the lives of South Africa’s deprived, poverty-stricken and historically disadvantaged communities. The Trust has provided sizeable financial assistance solutions to worthy causes and organisations throughout South Africa, irrespective of race or religion, and is active in four primary sectors, being health, education, social development and poverty alleviation.

“We’re delighted to be in a position to make available to CANSA a vehicle, converted and kitted as a Mobile Health Clinic, which is set to be used to supplement CANSA’s KwaZulu-Natal cancer-control services, taking cancer-screening facilities and services to the Province’s vastly scattered rural population. It’s hoped that by providing a second vehicle to service KwaZulu-Natal, CANSA’s team will now be able to reach many more people, more often than was achievable in the past,” said Mr Chohan.

He stressed that CANSA’s rural community health-care services were in line with SAMCT’s desire to play a role in improving the socio-economic conditions of the needy and to giving people back their dignity by way of direct involvement in wide-ranging community upliftment and sustainability programmes.

“We, therefore, trust that our humble efforts to assist in improving the health-care capabilities and capacity of CANSA in KwaZulu-Natal will contribute significantly towards the organisation’s quest to optimally reach, educate and screen the disadvantaged and, in so doing, impact on the numbers of people succumbing to the ravages of cancer,” he added.


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