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Pink Trees for Pauline – Ready to Bloom in 2014

Pink Trees for Pauline – Ready to Bloom in 2014

Pink Trees for Pauline post16 September 2014‘Pink Trees for Pauline 2014’ started off with a substantial sponsorship from the Protea Hospitality Group. It is always moving to experience such generosity from the business sector.

Currently 96 towns have already committed to take part in the project and it is encouraging to see that more and more schools are getting involved! One just knows that our future is bright when children unselfishly care about others.

Businesses, organisations and members of the public alike are rapidly making hay of the almost 70km material available for the project this year. The excitement of participating towns is contagious and towns are even challenging each other to see whose initiative raises the most funds.

And then we are reminded of why we are doing this – a woman loses her beloved sister and orders 75m fabric to wrap trees in St Helena Bay to honour the brave battle that was fought by her sibling. John Allderman from Addo lifted our spirits earlier this year by riding his motorcycle in a pink tutu just to make his beloved Cheryl smile. She sadly lost her battle with cancer in August.

Terri Guillemets said “The birds of hope are everywhere, listen to them sing.” When you hear of Dr Janita Botha of Somerset East and her courageous plans to do the 2000 km Kalahari Bash in October 2014 on her Honda motorcycle, to raise awareness for ‘Pink Trees for Pauline’ and the fight against cancer, you know that you’ve just heard that bird sing…

About ‘Pink Trees for Pauline’:

James E Faust said “A grateful heart is the beginning of greatness. It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love and well-being.”

Each person who was involved in the ‘Pink Trees for Pauline’ initiative during 2013, will testify to an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness – to be instrumental in helping cancer communities throughout South Africa and Namibia – is a deeply humbling experience.

The success of ‘Pink Trees for Pauline 2013’ was not only measured in the nearly 70km fabric that was wrapped around trees throughout the country or the fact that 55 towns participated in the initiative. The success of the project was evident from various registered cancer organisations working together for the benefit of their local cancer communities and their families who are all affected by cancer.

Registered cancer communities that benefitted were amongst others CANSA, Cancervive, Hospice, Reach for Recovery & Graaff-Reinet Cancer Association and Districts. And the project did not end with the taking down of material! Fabric was donated to charitable organisations and some towns even generated extra funds by creating products such as handbags, hats and place mats to sell.

Support ‘Pink Trees for Pauline’ 2014:

Pink Trees for Pauline’s purpose is to create awareness, unite communities and raise funds to ensure access to cancer treatment for all people afflicted with ALL types of cancer.

2014 is your chance to be a part of something great – help us to effect greatness!


For more information visit and for daily updates visit the Pink Trees for Pauline Facebook Page. To speak to Adri van Niewenhuizen you can contact her on 082 460 6386 or email:


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