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Pink Trees for Pauline Looking Forward to Another Successful Drive with CANSA

2017: Volunteers from various registered cancer organisations work together on the Pink Trees for Pauline initiative for the benefit of cancer patients who need assistance, and that is the success of Pink Trees for Pauline. Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

During 2015 the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) came on board to work in association with Pink Trees for Pauline, and in 2016 CANSA again contributed to the success of the project…with incredible results!

Pink Trees for Pauline’s Purpose

Pink Trees for Pauline’s purpose is to create awareness, unite communities and raise funds to help with care and support programmes for all affected by cancer. Adri Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen, Managing Director of Pink Trees for Pauline explained as follows: “There is power in unity, which was again proven during the 2016 campaign working with CANSA and so many others. Uniting cancer organisations by working together was the aim of Pink Trees for Pauline since the inception of the NPO.” Pink Trees for Pauline has been a member of Cancer Alliance the past 3 years and their support is encouraging. Adri went on to say “What a privilege to sit around a table with other likeminded people that share the same vision!”

CANSA Painting Towns Pink with Ribbon

Gerda Strauss, CANSA’s Head of Service Delivery, commented, “CANSA Staff and volunteers embraced this wonderful fun-filled project and sold ± 20 000 meters of pink cloth, turning small towns and cities into a pink paradise last year. The income raised from 2016 campaign has been set aside by CANSA for cancer patient care & support programmes, for example,  provision of accommodation during cancer treatment, home-based care nursing, feeding schemes for cancer affected patients, training social workers and also for supplying wigs, prosthesis and wheelchairs .”

Volunteers taking hands with Pink Trees for Pauline to create awareness and to support cancer patients, all become a vital part of the family. In the words of Adri “What an honour to be part of a project that is embraced by so many people. We are strong! Look out 2017!


Registered cancer organisations that want to embrace this project and join in the experience, please email – for more information about the 2017 Pink Trees for Pauline project, please visit and for the latest news visit the Pink Trees for Pauline Facebook page. Adri Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen can be contacted on


Toll-free line: 0800 22 66 22


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