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PAWS R Us and CANSA Launch Survivor Campaign

22 May 2016 – CANSA and PAWS R US (SA) are joining forces in an exciting new endeavour, called the ‘Survivor Campaign’. The launch of this campaign takes place on Thursday, 23 June 2016 at the Rustika Guest Lodge in Fourways, Johannesburg.

“Through this Survivor Campaign, we hope to highlight the importance of acknowledging all types of survivors; when it comes to humans – cancer Survivors, and with dogs – abandoned or abused dogs that are rescued out of their situations. We want to encourage people to have love for every Survivor,” says Maria Scholtz, CANSA Head of Sustainability.

This campaign also furthers its impact through the roll-out of the CANSA Bark For Life events. CANSA Bark For Life is a fundraising event honouring the life-long contributions of Canine Caregivers. Families and their dogs come together for a few hours during the day and complete a 1.6 km walk to honour the caregiving qualities of our canine companions. These companions are our best friends, and often key supporters of cancer Survivors. PAWS R US (SA) will make their rescue dogs available to participate in this event, as well as make them available as possible adoption candidates.

“In the human world, cancer is a formidable adversary – but one that can be triumphed over and used for our greatest learning. In the animal world, humans are often a formidable adversary – too often abandoning or abusing those animals that we, as society, have domesticated and tamed. However, humans also have the potential to be the greatest animal ally, and friend”, says Chantelle Murray, Director of PAWS R US (SA).

CANSA and PAWS R US (SA) have created a heart-warming video about the struggle of two survivors – one human and one canine – and how two survivors can find one another amidst the most challenging journeys in life. This special video will make its debut at the campaign launch event on 23 June and will be used as part of a national TV and social media campaign.

If you would like to be a part of the Survivor Campaign, please contact Chantelle Murray, Director of PAWS R US (SA) – To get involved with PAWS R US (SA), visit To find out more about CANSA, visit


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