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Nambiti Caregivers Extend CANSA’s Reach

Nambiti Caregivers Extend CANSA’s Reach

A partnership forged between CANSA Newcastle Care Centre and the Nambiti Caregivers Group will ensure that more patients in the area will benefit from a comforting shoulder to lean on during their cancer journey.

Caregivers Training

The Nambiti Caregivers already reach out to terminally ill patients in the area and with counselling training and cancer workshops provided by CANSA, this group will be equipped with the necessary skills to assist cancer patients and family members to better cope with this dreadful disease.

(At a Relay for Life Launch hosted in Ladysmith on the 4th August 2015, caregivers expressed a desire to make a meaningful difference in their community and were grateful for the training opportunities offered by CANSA).

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