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Men in Purple Speedos Unite for Annual Hollard Daredevil Run

7 February 2017  – South Africa’s biggest gathering of Speedo-clad men will hit the streets on 24 March in support of male cancer awareness!

It’s time for men and boys of all ages, shapes and Speedo sizes to suck in their stomachs and take to the streets for a ballsy show of support for male cancer awareness. That’s right, the 2017 Hollard Daredevil Run is just around the corner.

The Hollard Daredevil Run has become a highlight of the South African running and social calendars, having grown in popularity since the first official event in 2009.

The 2017 launch event was held earlier today at a media briefing in Johannesburg. Top media engaged with five informative stations, which focussed on the most prevalent male cancers and gave them an opportunity to unearth recent statistics, new male fertility procedures and general male cancer education.

Hollard, and CANSA, believe that the media is an incredibly powerful weapon in creating awareness of male related cancers – a topic still perceived as taboo in South Africa.

Race Venues

Daredevils will be let loose along a pre-determined, five-kilometre route setting off from Johannesburg’s Zoo Lake, and satellite venues in Cape Town, Durban and Mbombela at 15h00 on Friday, 24 March 2017. All proceeds from the run will be donated to CANSA to help fund cancer awareness programmes and testing across South Africa.

“Hollard is so proud to host this spectacular event, but even more so to be working with organisations like CANSA to help raise awareness of male cancers and the importance of early cancer detection through screening,” says Warwick Bloom, Marketing Communications Manager at Hollard. “I’m really looking forward to seeing both new and familiar faces at the start line on D-Day!”

Elize Joubert, CANSA CEO says, “Following the success of the 2016 Hollard Daredevil Run, CANSA was able to roll out the ‘MANVan’ initiative through funds raised from the event. This mobile health clinic provides free health checks, and support programmes, and raises awareness of male-specific cancers. The ManVan reached and screened an impressive 8,112 men throughout the country in 2016. The Hollard Daredevil Run therefore not only raises awareness of male cancers, but practically helps to save lives”.

Cancer Stats to Scare the Pants Off You

While the run has a remarkably positive impact on cancer awareness around the country, statistics indicate a frighteningly high increase in male cancer incidences in South Africa. According to research from the National Cancer Registry, there has been a 32 % increase in prostate cancer cases in the past year alone, with one in 19 men at risk of developing prostate cancer in their lifetime.

And while figures for testicular cancer have declined, the number of men diagnosed with the disease is still alarmingly high. However, testicular cancer and other cancers can be treated if they are detected early enough.

The Hollard Daredevil Run works with CANSA to promote early and routine testing for the most prevalent forms of male cancer in South Africa, and aims to show men and boys that it’s easier to run in a Speedo than it is to fight cancer.

Who Can Participate?

Men and boys of any age who would like to participate in the run can register online. They can also nominate a friend, relative or colleague to join them in running cancer clean outta town.

Runners are welcome to bring their female loved ones and fans to cheer them on from the side-lines on the day, as the run is restricted to Speedo-clad men and boys.


Donations in support of the cause can be made here…


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