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Make Your Mark for Cancer Survivors – CANSA Head Office event

Make Your Mark for Cancer Survivors – CANSA Head Office event

Make Your Mark for Cancer Survivors at CANSA HeadOffice – pupils from Leeuwenhof High School and CANSA staff

The 3rd of June 2012 was International Cancer Survivor’s Day and in honour of all cancer survivors, the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) encourages all South Africans to make a statement against cancer and a mark for cancer survivors by signing a special message. CANSA wants to celebrate HOPE and life with survivors and their families with a special day of HOPE, support and nurturing by signing special messages on fabric to those who have ever heard the words ‘you have cancer’.

An event was recently held at CANSA’s Head Office to commemorate International Cancer Survivor’s Day.  Pupils from Leeuwenhof High School and CANSA staff joined to create visual messages of hope to cancer survivors.  Click on the gallery at the top of this page…

Companies and individuals are invited to go to any CANSA Care Centre and write messages to cancer survivors on fabric with a permanent marker. These pieces of fabric will then be used to create items such as tablecloths, aprons, curtains, bedspreads or pillowcases for use in CANSA’s Care Homes and Care Centres across the country – ensuring that these messages of HOPE and support are read by those who receive treatment and care and so desperately need encouragement to go on with the fight. Everyone participating will receive a certificate from CANSA to show they took part. CANSA also encourages the public to post messages of HOPE online via CANSA’s ‘Champions of Hope’ Facebook dedicated to cancer survivors.

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