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Let Your Feet Speak for Your Heart – Tekkie Tax Day 27 May 2016

Afrikaanse Persvrystelling

19 April 2016: It’s the third National Tekkie Tax Day on Friday 27 May 2016 and CANSA is proud to be an official beneficiary in the education category.

People can show support for any one of the 200 national non-profit organisations taking part in the campaign representing sectors for animals, bring hope, children, education and disability.

How Can You Support CANSA?

Funds are raised from the sales of stickers at a R10 donation and a pair of trendy shoelaces (known as Tekkie Tags) at R35 a pair, to wear with tekkies on Friday 27 May. Be sure to choose an educational sticker.

Items are available from at all Clicks or Toys R Us shops, as well as at CANSA Care Centres across the country.

TekkieTax 2016 Poster post

CANSA Educates to Reduce Cancer Risk

Education 05 postMaria Scholtz, CANSA’s Head of Sustainability says, “We’re excited to be involved again. This campaign gives you the opportunity to show with your ‘feet’ where your heart lies. For CANSA, education is so important. Part of our mission is to educate regarding the importance of early detection and leading a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer. So by showing support and buying stickers and Tekkie Tags, you’re helping CANSA to build a community without cancer.”

She concludes “We hope to see lots of people wearing an education sticker and their tekkies with Tekkie Tags on Friday 27th May 2016. And please share your photos to show your support on CANSA’s online platforms.”

Learn More About Tekkie Tax

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