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Grant Funding Results 2016

Grant Funding Results 2016

Researchers working at academic and research institutions across South Africa recently applied for research funding for 2016. They are seeking support for a variety of cancer research projects – from epidemiology, early diagnosis of cancer, prevention of cancer and research relating to cancer biology/ biochemistry/molecular biology only if it relates to early detection, prevention and patient care.

Our Research Committee (RESCOM) met on 20 August 2015 to determine the funding allocations for 2016. Unfortunately, because CANSA has only so much money to spend on research each year, only six of the twenty new applications will receive funding in 2016.

CANSA does not fund drug discovery and development or cancer treatment – but is more focused on epidemiology, early detection and cancer risk reduction. Researchers are encouraged to also approach the Medical Research CouncilNational Research FoundationDepartment of Science & Technology and overseas sources for cancer research funds.Download a list of the successful researchers for 2015 funding



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