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GP’s Join CANSA Port Shepstone in Skin Screening

GP’s Join CANSA Port Shepstone in Skin Screening

DSC_0127CANSA South Coast held another successful skin screening day on 31 May 2013 supported by 6 local General Practitioners who donated of their time in order to see clients between 8am and 12 noon. 118 clients had made bookings and all lesions had to be specified as the appointments were strictly 5 minutes long.

35 lesions were referred for cryotherapy (30%). 12 lesions had to be sent for excision(10%), and 10 were sent for biopsy(8.4%). Some were sent for checkups to their G.P’s or were asked to observe the lesion and received education by the doctors. 17 clients were referred to their G.P’s and 5 to a dermatologist of their choice.

16 Seborrhoeic keratosis were seen(13.5%) , 28 Actinic Keratosis (24%), known as pre cancerous lesions, 6 Basal cell carcinomas(5%) and 2 Squamous cell carcinomas(1.6%). 7 Moles(6%) were diagnosed and were treated according to Doctor’s findings in one of the above categories.

DSC_0122Dr. Roscher saw 16 patients in the afternoon. His findings showed 4 to have a basal cell carcinoma; 5 Actinic keratosis(pre cancerous); 3 dysplastic moles for excision: 1 squamous cell carcinoma and 5 non cancerous lesions. One case was referred to himself for pro bono treatment which will involve surgery. 4 required excision and 2 need a biopsy of their lesion. 1 client requires medication.

It was great to see how the local doctors were willing to support such an obviously needed screening day, judging by the lesions seen and the support of the local community. One local doctor was willing to do all cryotherapy for free and another offered all her patients free treatment at her rooms.

Dr.Roscher, the specialist dermatologist was most impressed by the response from both community as well as local doctors.

May our skin cancer awareness days grow from strength to strength!


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