CANSA Makes Cancer Treatment Possible for those Living Far from Home

CANSA Makes Cancer Treatment Possible for those Living Far from Home

It’s probably the oldest treatment for cancer still in use – it can shrink tumours and kill off any rogue cells after surgery.

Radiotherapy is given in a short burst of a few minutes, five days a week, sometimes for as long as six weeks.

But clinics are only found in the main cities. So travelling to or from treatment every day can be a real challenge if you live far away.

For some, getting to the clinic day after day is simply impossible . . . well it would be if it wasn’t for the wonderful friends and supporters of CANSA.

Since the 1960s generous and caring people like you have supported our CANSA Care Homes – a ‘home-away-from-home’ service where cancer patients who live far away can stay while having treatment.

And what a blessing that’s proved to be for thousands of people, who would otherwise have had to take their chances and miss this life-saving treatment.

At our 11 Care Homes around South Africa, we welcome young and old, from all backgrounds and accommodate them in comfortable rooms, providing meals and transport to the clinic.

Your support means they’re cared for by highly skilled nursing sisters, compassionate staff and volunteers . . . exactly the kind of help a cancer patient needs!

Your generosity in the past years has made this service possible and we wonder if you know how much this means to so many cancer patients.

We receive countless letters of thanks, telling us just how much being able to stay over in one of our Care Homes has meant to them – and we’d like to share some comments with you:

“The love I received from the staff made me feel at home. The proof that everything was excellent? I was healed even before the doctors expected it.”

“You opened up your hearts to me when I thought I was going to lose my life and you gave me hope.”

Lasting friendships are made among the patients, knowing they’re all going through the same thing: “I would also like to express my gratitude to my brothers and sisters whom I was with here. May God bless them, heal them and give them hope.”

“It’s wonderful here. The meals are just right when you’re not feeling so well. I didn’t feel self-conscious. We’re all in the same boat.”

Can you imagine anything worse, in this time of extreme anxiety and uncertainty, having to tell your doctor, “I can’t have this treatment, I can’t get there, there’s no-one to help me.”

We believe you have a special understanding of the suffering cancer brings. So we’re hoping you’ll feel moved to make your online donation now, so that we can keep our CANSA Care Homes running for another year.

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