CANSA Research – Saving Lives with YOUR Support

CANSA Research – Saving Lives with YOUR Support

“Cancer made me a positive, caring and overall better person.” – Ardath Datnow

We’ve come a long way since Ardath Datnow survived breast cancer in 1979.

‘Ardie’, as she’s fondly known, tells us there was very little information available for cancer patients then. Although her husband was supportive she felt achingly “lonely and alone”.

So when CANSA opened a Care Centre in Kimberley she was one of the first to offer her services as a volunteer, knowing that facing cancer was a very lonely place to be.

Since then Ardie’s given her all, caring and sharing, advising and supporting the many thousands of cancer Survivors who’ve passed through those doors.

And behind the scenes, working quietly and diligently, with equal devotion are scientists, researchers and advocates who are fighting cancer from another angle.

We don’t accept the huge research awards from pharmaceutical companies. So with what we can raise from committed donors, like our special Research Partners, we believe the best plan is to focus on cancer risk-reduction.

It gives us great joy to tell you that with the support and online donations from our Research Partners, we’ve achieved outstanding results with international recognition being given to more discoveries than we can tell you about here – see the details on our website…

And once we’ve got a proven result about a cancer issue we take whatever steps we must to make sure this news immediately benefits the public.

One of our researchers has achieved international recognition for her groundbreaking discoveries in the field of hereditary breast cancer.

And we’ve applied knowledge we’ve learned to our Healthy Lifestyle and SunSmart programmes.

We’ve a long list of amazing achievements which are showing the way to avoid falling victim to cancer and saving more lives than anyone can count.

CANSA Step Counter

And that’s why we’re really hoping you’ll join our Research Partners, by making your online donation today. Every gift – large or small – will help us in our fight against cancer.

When your gift of R350 or more arrives we’ll send you a Certificate of Membership.

For R500 or more, we’ll also send a step counter so that you can monitor your daily levels of walking activity.

But we’re really hoping you will click to donate R1 000 (or more) if you possibly can, so you can also have your name inscribed in our Roll of Honour . . . a lasting testament to your commitment to cancer research.

So please click here to make your donationbecause together we can save more lives!

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