Childhood Cancer is Heartbreaking – Help Improve Chance of Recovery

Childhood Cancer is Heartbreaking – Help Improve Chance of Recovery

Big, dark-ringed eyes in a haunted, pallid face. Crowning glory? Gone. Zest for life? Gone.

Treatments are long and relentless, a whole year or more out of a child’s life – when the joys of growing up are put on hold until they recover.

Your support and generosity have made it possible for us to bring comfort and relief in so many ways, to people of all ages battling to beat cancer.

And that’s why we’re hoping you’ll want to become a member of our special Investors’ Circle this year, by making your donation now.

This year we’ve a really important project on the go. The most common cancer affecting children is leukaemia, and the usual treatment is very high doses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. But this also kills stem cells – so new stem cells are given to replace them.

Children recovering from a stem cell transplant are vulnerable to infection and stay in hospital as long as possible. But when this isn’t an option, they have to go home and take their chances.

Sadly, sometimes the cancer treatment is a success, but then a simple infection is brought into the home and the child doesn’t have the resistance to fight it off. So for a long time, there’s been a real need for dedicated oncology isolation units.

Last year we began to meet this need by rolling out ‘Step Down Units’ as we call them – the first being the CANSA TLC Brian Davey Step Down Unit at the CANSA TLC Nicus Lodge in Pretoria (our home-from-home for children receiving treatment and their parents), and a smaller one in Durban.

Once a child is discharged from hospital, the child and a parent can stay over until the child’s immune system is strong enough.

But being confined to one room and deprived of company isn’t easy, so the Step Down Unit must be as hygienic and homely as it can be. It has a room and a bathroom; is fitted with beds, a kitchen corner and a couple of easy chairs, a table, a TV and the basic essentials required for daily living.

We’d like to provide toys, books and a computer so that children can perhaps catch up with some school work or to pass the time. Will you help by making your donation?

We would also like to supply nutrition-rich food and suitable antiseptic cleaning materials. Which is why we’re hoping you’ll make your donation right away!

Just R600 – what it costs to fill up the average car – is the qualifying gift that will make you part of our Investors’ Circle. But we’re hoping you’ll send R850 (R10 for every year of our 85th anniversary) so we can speed up the rollout.

We really value your generosity, so for your gift of R600 or more we’ll send you a small commemorative gift of a key ring holder, together with our letter of thanks.

And donors who send a gift of R2 000 or more will have their names recorded on a plaque, to be displayed at CANSA’s Head Office.


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