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Fredo Touring for CANSA 2015

Fredo Touring for CANSA 2015

Fredo & Janey will be touring to raise funds for CANSA Cape Metro again July to Aug 2015

Fredo & Janey will be touring to raise funds for CANSA Cape Metro Care Centre July to Aug 2015

The wonderful experience we had in 2014 when Fredo and Janey Touring for CANSA ventured across South Africa in our Ford Ranger and our Tourer SP caravan to raise funds to assist people affected by cancer, is still fresh in our memory. For us it was a memorable initiative, even more so because we had such wonderful support from our sponsors and media friends.

We believe it was the start of something bigger and we have decided to commit ourselves to another Fredo Touring undertaking in 2015. We simply cannot allow 2014 to be our only effort – the need amongst our beneficiary group is simply too big for us to do so.

We are now planning Fredo Touring for CANSA, with Janey, in 2015. We are setting our sights on Namibia during July and August 2015.

Last year we managed to raise R32 000-00 for CANSA.

This year we want to set our target on a figure in excess of R50 000-00 – we hope you can help us achieve that!

We invite you to travel with us and help us to bring sunshine and cheer into the lives of people affected by cancer by making an online donation to help fund the care & support provided via CANSA’s Cape Metro Care Centre. All funds raised will go directly to CANSA, and NOT towards travel expenses.

We plan to leave on 22 July and return to Cape Town by 26 August – so it will be approximately 36 days on the road.

We base our initiative on the concept that by working together we can achieve much. We will again spend more than a month in the cabin of the Ford Ranger, with our home at night the Tourer SP caravan. You become our supporters. In the end, together we will make a huge contribution to the lives of people who are affected by cancer.

We know how important it is to have support systems when you are in this position. We have been there and done it! It is tough and if you can receive the support and love of others, it makes the world of difference. On our own we cannot do this, together we can!

Fredo is a cancer Survivor and with Janey’s support, and the support of doctors, medical staff and friends, but above all because of God’s Grace, we can embark on this journey.

What’s New – Fredo Touring for CANSA 2015:

Fredo Touring for CANSA, with Janey, will be travelling to the northern parts of Namibia in 2015. We anticipate that we will travel between 6,000 and 7,000 kilometres.

Since last year we recounted many of our travel stories and what impressed us most was the fact that all those following our travels – – were enthralled about the stories about the lives and habits of the animals we brought back with us. We are real animal lovers and we believe that the animals we found in the game parks of South Africa live in such a fragile world. By spending as much time as possible with them, we hope that we will not only achieve our aim of raising funds for those affected by cancer, but that we will also highlight the fact that the space of our wildlife is getting smaller as the world’s population grows. We need to care and respect them – because if we do not do so, we will not have this treasure to pass on to future generations to enjoy too.

So, in 2015 we will travel from Cape Town to Etosha, more than 2 000 km away. Along the way we will stop at a few interesting places, mainly to break up the long days on the road. Most of our time will however be spent in the three great camps of Etosha – Okaukuejo, Halale and Namutoni.

On the way back we will head to the Namibian coast to see what Swakopmund is all about, before visiting the Quiver Tree Forest near Keetmanshoop and the village of Strandfontein on our own West Coast on the way back. View detailed travel programme…

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If you require more info or would like to enquire re making a donation to support CANSA Cape Metro Care Centre via this fundraiser, please see contact details below.

Before Trip commences:

While We On Trip:

  • Susann Breytenbach (CANSA Cape Metro Care Centre)
  • Tel: 021 – 689 5347
  • Cell: 082 452 4706
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