CANSA's Tough Living with Cancer (TLC) Programme

Donate Basic Items to TLC Families of Young Cancer Patients

Donate Basic Items to TLC Families of Young Cancer Patients

CANSA TLC Logo.cdrCANSA TLC (Tough Living with Cancer) is a programme for children and teens diagnosed with cancer, or affected by cancer (a family member has cancer). Support is provided to the family as a whole in both scenarios.

Support a Family in Need:

Due to the costs involved in cancer treatment and transport to treatment, many families affected by cancer struggle to provide the basic necessities.

Please consider making a donation – see items needed below:

Food Donations post

Many thanks to all who have donated to families in need…

Basic Food Items:

  • Porridges: Weet-Bix, Pronutro, Oatso-Easy, mieliepap, Future Life
  • Coffee, tea, rooibos, concentrate cold drink sachets, long life milk
  • Soup, cuppa soup, soya mince, tinned tuna, sweet corn
  • Rice, pasta, salt, sugar
  • Peanut butter, marmite, jam, margarine
  • Dry biscuits, rusks
  • Winegums, jellybears, marshmellows

Basic Toiletries:

Consider donating these in a toiletry bag…

  • Baby soft toothbrush
  • Bland flavoured toothpaste
  • Facecloth
  • Aqueous lotion (plain)
  • Antiseptic soap e.g. Dettol, Protex, Savlon
  • Antiseptic solution like Dettol or Savlon
  • Antiseptic mouth rinse
  • Germolene antiseptic ointment
  • Tissues (pocket not boxes)

Additional Items:

  • blankets
  • bedsocks
  • beanies (also for older children / teens)
  • we need pj’s and gowns (but it is better to give an online donation so that the correct sizes & gender specific items can be purchased)
  • tekkies (children & parents) sizes needed: toddler through to size 8

Venues & Contact Details Donations:

Drop donations at your local CANSA Care Centre or contact Vera van Dalen, CANSA-TLC National Project Manager, email:

Alternatively, make an online donation using the reference ‘TLC Relief’ & the funds will be allocated to helping our families cope during a very challenging time.


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