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Daredevil Video Interview: Joburg Today TV

Joburg Today TV – 9 Febrary 2015: Heidi Brauer, Chief Marketing Officer Hollard & Lucy Balona, CANSA, chat about the history of the Daredevil Run and how it is raising awareness re prostate and testicular cancer, in order to promote early detection.

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Says Lucy Balona, “People are running in support of somebody.”

Participation in the Daredevil Run has become about encouraging those affected by cancer, as well as educating and reducing cancer risk. It certainly has got men talking openly about awareness of men’s cancers.


A Word From Our JHB Daredevils:

John Owens, Mr SA 2014, says that 5 km’s may seem like a long run, but when you’re running with the other guys for a good cause with such a great vibe, it does not feel long at all!

Eddy Rust, Mr SA Bachelor 2015, feels that the race gives men the opportunity to stand up for & fight for something important together… – in peak hour traffic!

Shaun Harris, SA Swimmer, also enjoyed the race even though it is very different from training in the pool!

One of the brave participants said that the more people are aware, the more responsible they become in looking after themselves. He had his first finger-prick PSA Test this year and is determined to make the Daredevil Run & PSA screening an annual habit.

Purple Daredevils


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