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DAREdevil Run – Running Cancer Outta Town!

DAREdevil Run – Running Cancer Outta Town!

Early detection is key!

Early detection is key!

9 October 2013: As part of its Men’s Health Campaign CANSA is gearing up for the fifth annual DAREdevil Run taking place on 8 November in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Midlands, George, Pietermaritzburg, Grahamstown, Richards Bay and Dullstroom (9 November).  The runs involve brave men running in a speedo to raise awareness about cancers affecting men.

Raising Awareness re Men’s cancers

“We encourage all South African men to join forces and ‘run cancer outta town,’ by being a part of the DAREdevil Run. The DAREdevil message is clear: “Awareness and early detection saves lives! And our aim this year is to radically expand the diversity of age and interests of those who sign up to run this year in eight cities.”

With the focus on prostate and testicular cancer, CANSA and Hollard aim to make men aware of the warning signs and ways to reduce their cancer risk. Cancer is one of the main health concerns men face, with one in 24* men being diagnosed with prostate cancer (the most common cancer among South African men). Testicular cancer is most common in men between the ages of 15 and 39. *Stats according to the SA National Cancer Registry 2005 – read more about men’s cancers here….

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CANSA Supporting Participants

CANSA’s CEO added “We’re so excited to see how the DAREdevil Run is helping to get men to take more responsibility for their health. This could mean the start of a more active lifestyle for many that would help to reduce their risk for cancer.” I would like to urge our menfolk to be brave and join your fellow South Africans in this most fun event. This is a great way to physically show your support in the fight against cancer.”

  • CANSA will be taking part at the DAREdevil Run by educating participants about male cancers and performing Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) tests – a simple blood test to help detect prostate cancer with the first 100 tests being free.
  • Free sunscreen will also be provided by CANSA to those taking part.
  • There will also be Sprayathons at the DAREdevil Runs where you can show your support by getting your hair sprayed in various colours – R50 will get your hair sprayed and you will also receive a CANSA Wrap.
  • CANSA’s P-Ball game will also be on sale – an awareness device that involves a small biodegradable ball that is placed in a urinal. The aim is to destroy the P-Ball, using a full bladder and in the shortest possible time to gauge the strength of the urine stream. A weak urine stream may be a warning sign of prostate cancer and men experiencing it should consult their doctor.

How to Register & Event Dates?

Runs take place at 4pm on the 8th of November in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Midlands, George, Pietermaritzburg, Grahamstown, Richards Bay, and on the 9th of November in Dullstroom. You can register and pay your R100 on the DAREdevil Website.




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