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Colour Brings Hope

Colour brings Hope Naledi BooksNaledi will donate R10 per book to CANSA.

The worldwide popular trend of colouring in for adults has now led to an exciting partnership between CANSA and NALEDI, publishers of a therapeutic colouring in book, ‘Colour Brings Hope’.

Featuring the very talented artist, Tanya O’Connor, R10 from the sale of each book is donated to CANSA towards care and support programmes for those affected by cancer.

The inspirational collaboration between CANSA and NALEDI provides a new therapeutic resource in the fight against cancer.

‘Colour Brings Hope’ is full of beautiful sketches of hope and survival for colouring in and is for everyone affected by cancer.

Dr S.T. Potgieter, renowned psychologist, wrote the foreword for the book. He explains the different healing powers of colouring in for mind and body, with specific reference to the treatment of cancer.

“The benefits of colouring in stimulate your creativity, promote relaxation and increase the release of serotonin. Colouring in within the lines helps you feel safe. This pastime provides the opportunity to escape reality while providing both body and mind time to relax and heal,” he explains.

Art therapy helps in the healing process of emotional wounds, trauma and to achieve a more sensitive balance between the body, cognitive thinking and spirit. However, it’s not for children only, but has the capacity to be beneficial for adults and elderly people too.

Apart from the therapeutic values that colouring in holds, it is simply wonderfully relaxing.  Colouring in is the safe harbour, where emotions can be explored within the boundaries of the picture and this is important to the cancer patient.

Tanya’s adds, “My art and subsequently creating my colouring in books helped me through exceptional trauma and heart-breaking times. My wish is for everyone who colours in to be blessed the same way that I have been blessed through art and colour.”


For more information regarding ‘Colour Brings Hope’, contact Marinda Meyer:

Email: marindameyer@naledibooks.co.za or 083 236 9788

  • ISBN: 978-0-928316-10-0
  • RRP: R145,00
  • Stock available from 15 June 2015

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