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CANSA’s Online Fundraising Projects

CANSA’s Online Fundraising Projects

btn-your-gift216bHelp CANSA be a gift to those affected by cancer by:

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See all CANSA’s online fundraising projects below – click on the one closest to your heart to donate or raise funds online.

Care & Support:

Reducing Cancer Risk (Education & Screening):

CANSA Care Centre Fundraising Projects:

Support the work that your local CANSA Care Centre is doing, by making a donation or becoming an Online Fundraising Activist on the relevant online fundraising project:

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North West:

Northern Cape:

Western Cape:

Specific Fundraising Campaigns:

CANSA Active

Cuppa For CANSA

Relay For Life



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Tips for Raising Funds Online

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Beards & Moustaches:

While we truly appreciate your efforts to support CANSA, please note the following…

  • If you wish to sign up as Mo Bro or Sista & raise funds online for CANSA’s Movember Campaign, you may only do so on the Movember Website and not via CANSA’s online fundraising projects, on the GivenGain fundraising platform.
  • Activist Pages created on the GivenGain platform in support of Movember, will be removed.
  • Please also note, that due to CANSA’s agreement with Movember, we will also remove any Activist Pages which involve the growth or removal of facial hair, as this may only take place during the Movember Campaign, according to stipulations as laid out on the Movember Website.


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