CANSA's Holistic Cancer Care & Support

Holistic Care & Support for You

Holistic Care & Support for You

We Care

You may have heard the words ‘you have cancer’ – this makes you a cancer Survivor. We would like to help support you and your loved ones as you fight cancer.

We believe that a good support system will enable you to feel strengthened and motivated to continue to fight the disease.

At our CANSA Care Centres and Care Clinics we provide Holistic Care & Support to you and your loved ones, from the time of diagnosis, through all phases of need.

What we do for YOU:

For an overview of CANSA’s Holistic Care & Support to those affected by cancer, download PPT “Care & Support”: English | Afrikaans.

View Afrikaans Care & Support video…

Find out more about our service offering at our Care Centres & Clinics:

Find out more about our Care Homes for patients undergoing treatment far from home:

Make use of our Resources & Tools designed to support you:

CANSA Needs Volunteers:

CANSA offers support in over 500 communities across SA, with the help of 5 000 volunteers, reaching over 45 000 people affected by cancer. We rely heavily on trained volunteers to help us provide quality care and support to those affected by cancer.  Click here to volunteer…

Queries CANSA

There are more than 50 CANSA Care Centres located in communities throughout South Africa. To find out more about the specific care and support services offered at your nearest Care Centre, click here for contact details.

Alternately, call us toll-free on 0800 22 66 22, email us at or Write on Our Wall – be sure to join us on Facebook, TwitterPinterest & YouTube in order to stay in touch with CANSA and others affected by cancer.



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