CANSA’s Governance and People

CANSA’s Governance and People

Imagine a World without CancerGovernance Roles and Responsibilities

CANSA has a strong and capable Board of Directors to which CANSA’s CEO and Executive Committee report. In accordance with the identified risks within CANSA, the Board appoints Sub-Committees to assist the Board in reviewing and advising management within specific portfolios.   This structured system of organisational governance ensures proper checks and balances, the input of appropriate experts on decision-making and strategic oversight of comprehensive nationwide operations.

In turn, the Council of Governors, elected within the Business Units, led by a President, evaluate and determine the Board’s performance and provide feedback to all the members at its Annual General Meeting.

The Board, as the highest decision-making body of CANSA, is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and appoints the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Directors to maintain the day-to-day management.

Sub-Committees of the Board

  • Audit Committee – ensures effective financial management
  • Investment Committee – promotes solid investment practice and growth
  • Remuneration (REMCO) Committee – enhances sound, transparent and fair human capital practise
  • Research (RESCOM) Committee – ensures relevant and effective allocation and management of research funding
  • Social and Ethics Committee – promotes integration of ethics throughout CANSA
  • Chairpersons Committee – advice and guidance regarding operational business practices

In accordance with the King III Guidelines, the Social and Ethics Committee was established in late 2010, as a further Sub-Committee of the Board to address all ethical risk issues.  CANSA has more than the recommended Sub-Committees of the Board in place to address the specific risks identified within CANSA.

At the Annual General Meeting held in September 2012, the members approved the Memorandum of Incorporation in accordance with the new Companies Act, No.71 of 2008, to enable the execution of the bigger, approved CANSA strategy.

The EXCO-managed Risk Committees were restructured in March 2010 to ensure realignment with the new CANSA Structure and the following Risk Committees were formed to identify and address the most significant operational risks in accordance:

  • Financial Risk Committee
  • Service Delivery Risk Committee
  • Human Resources Risk Committee
  • Quality Assurance Committee (determines and addresses standardisation and quality of all policies, procedures, processes and documentation)

The in-house Internal Audit process makes provision for the identification of non-adherence to policies and procedures, while also identifying possible gaps in existing policies and procedures that could cause further risks.

Corporate Governance Tool: KPMG Ethics | Fraud Hotline for CANSA Employees

CANSA’s People

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For further information please contact Lucy Balona, General Manager: Marketing & Communication CANSA – email: lbalona@cansa.org.za or tel: 011-616 7662. Alternately, please call the Toll Free Call Centre at 0800 22 66 22 or email info@cansa.org.za for further information.


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