CANSA's Tough Living with Cancer (TLC) Programme

CANSA TLC Golden Statue Campaign Raises Awareness Childhood Cancer

CANSA TLC Golden Statue Campaign Raises Awareness Childhood Cancer

Become a Golden Statue & raise awareness re Childhood Cancer...

Become a Golden Statue & raise awareness re Childhood Cancer…

CANSA is once again highlighting Awareness of Childhood Cancer in September, by launching the 2014 CANSA TLC ‘Golden Statue’ Campaign.

In 2013, CANSA Staff and Volunteers posed as golden human statues in over 30 public venues nationally. They helped raise awareness of the symptoms of Childhood Cancer and also raised funds for CANSA’s Tough Living With Cancer (TLC) programme, which supports children / teens and families affected by cancer.

You Are Invited to Become a Golden Statue:

During the month of September, you are invited to organise a group of twenty or more family members, friends, colleagues or learners and to arrange with your local shopping centre to pose at their entrances on a particular day, as Golden Statues, in order to raise awareness re Childhood Cancer and support CANSA’s TLC Programme.

  • Golden Statues will freeze in a particular pose and are not to communicate with the public.
  • Golden Statues will be supplied with bookmarks explaining the symptoms of Childhood Cancer and may distribute these to members of the public. They may also wear messages re Childhood Cancer on their outfits.
  • ‘Schools Challenge’: design a special golden or bright yellow headpiece with TLC branding to add to your Golden Statue attire.
  • Golden Statues will also be supplied with special tins in which donations from the public may be received. Each time a donation is received, the Golden Statues may change position.
  • Contact your local Care Centre┬áre your intentions to pose as Golden Statues and to collect your TLC Bookmarks, Fundraising Tins or advice. If you don’t know anyone who is willing to participate, chat to our staff and they will put you in touch with a group.

Find detailed info regarding dress code, statue do’s & don’ts, messages re Childhood Cancer, tips and ‘Schools Challenge’, etc in the Slide Show below or download pdf.

Slideshow – Golden Statue Campaign:

Raising Public Awareness re Childhood Cancer Critical:

Public awareness re the symptoms of Childhood Cancer is vital. Often children are misdiagnosed and the cancer is detected too late. If the cancer is detected early, then chances of surviving Childhood Cancer may be as high as 77%.

Read more about how you can support CANSA’s TLC Programme this September…


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