CANSA Malmesbury Care Centre

CANSA SunSmart Talks at Vredendal / Trawal Nursery Schools & Crèches

CANSA SunSmart Talks at Vredendal / Trawal Nursery Schools & Crèches

According to research, skin cancer later in life is more likely due to sunburn in childhood. Children tend to be in the sun much more and are likely to get sunburnt, because of their delicate skin. CANSA received a donation of sunscreen from Nivea and the CANSA Vredendal Care Centre decided that local crèches and nursery schools in the area, should benefit from this and also to use the opportunity to educate about sun safety.

SSmart at Nursery Creches

CANSA distributes sunscreen donated by Nivea to local nursery schools and creches

A total of 554 children were reached with this awareness and 40 bottles of Nivea sunscreen were distributed.

9 crèches and Nursery schools in Vredendal, Vredendal North and Trawal were visited. A health talk about sun safety was given to the staff and topics included: why skin protection is necessary, how to protect the skin, what SPF means, the importance of a self-skin examination and how it is done using the ABCDE method. The Fotofinder screening device was also promoted. Pamphlets about sun safety were given to each educator.

Staff were also informed about the services rendered at CANSA Vredendal Care Centre. A bookmark with all contact details and services was also given to each attendant and an open invitation to make use of services or refer someone in need of the services was extended.

The crèches and nursery schools were very grateful for the information and the sunscreen and the staff undertook to put sunscreen on all the children before they went outside to play.


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