CANSA Seal of Recognition – Edible Consumer Goods Category

CANSA Seal of Recognition – Edible Consumer Goods Category


Food products that have been awarded the CANSA Seal of Recognition (CSOR), display the CANSA Smart Choice Seal (CSCS) and are chosen according to the South African Food Based Dietary Guidelines, which were specifically developed as positive, practical, affordable, sustainable and culturally sensitive guidelines for South Africans over the age of 5 years.

The guidelines are based on the existing consumption of locally available foods and aim to address identified nutrition-related public health problems or risks.

Requirements for CANSA’s Smart Choice Seal:

Edible consumer products that may assist in reducing cancer risk – and that are free of all known toxins, carcinogens, hormone and / or endocrine disruptors – are considered eligible for the CANSA Smart Choice Seal (CSCS) and have been endorsed by the Department of Health.

CANSA recommends a balanced lifestyle and a making every meal a smart choice.

Edible Consumer Goods Partners

  • Epic Foods (Pty) Ltd – product: Blossom Canola Margarine
  • Olyfbergproduct: Olyfberg Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Pioneer Foods (Pty) Ltd – products: Bokomo Weet-Bix & Bokomo Oats
  • red espresso® – product: red espresso® (rooibos espresso)
  • Southern Oil (Pty) Ltd – products: B-Well Canola Oil & B-Well Extra Virgin Olive & Canola Oil
  • Sozo Food (Pty) Ltd – product: Sozo Food Culinary Oil
  • Willmar Continental Edible Oil and Fats (Pty) Ltd – products: Excella & Conti Canola Oil

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