CANSA Seal of Recognition Categories

  • Protection SunSmart
  • Edible Consumer Goods
  • Food Preperation & Processing
  • Non-Edible Consumer Goods
  • Health Programmes
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CANSA Seal of Recognition Categories

The SunSmart and Smart Choice Seal of Recognition

CANSA introduced the CANSA Seal of Recognition (CSOR), namely, the CANSA Smart Choice Seal (CSCS) and the CANSA SunSmart Seal (CSSS) to encourage South Africans to read product labels and to assist them in making informed choices – the aim being to promote smart, healthy, balanced lifestyles.

To qualify for a CANSA Seal on products or packaging consumer products have to pass:

  • stringent South African National Standards (SANS) tests and | or
  • similar International Standards tests

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Lorinda van Dyk (CANSA Seal of Recognition Coordinator)

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CANSA Seal of Recognition